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Show yourself some love with recipes for one, beauty and fragrance tips, insights from Giada's favorite self-help guru, and more. 


all you need is love


meals for one


eau de vous


pudding please!

Rich, chocolaty goodness—without the guilt? Liza Jernow and Tara Donne have the recipe, and it's gluten-free, too. 


pan-roasted asparagus with crispy fried egg


oyster crudo with prosecco mignonette


wise woman

Buddhist nun, spiritual teacher, and author Pema Chödrön reveals why this very moment is the perfect teacher.




prosecco float


rich chocolate coconut pudding

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COMING NEXT WEEK It may not be spring but we're going green! Try recipes full of green goodness, cook with stout, celebrate St. Paddy's, and more.